Baking and Cooking

Whew! I’m tired today! I got a lot done though, so it’s a happy tired.

 I have been trying to keep the house in better shape through the weekend, which requires more effort than weekdays. I endeavor to have the house company ready for Sunday in case M wants to have people over. He’s never told me to do this. But I know he hates messes, and one Sunday when we were leaving for church and the house was a disaster he looked around the livingroom and said, “I guess we won’t be having anyone over today!” So I took that as a tip; not so much that he was hinting, just that I was able to see that this was something important to him. So now I make it my job to make sure if he ever wants to have anyone over, he can.

 Tomorrow being the first Sunday of the month, it’s “Fellowship Meal” time again. Each month it rotates, and you’re supposed to bring a main dish and, depending on month, a dessert or side dish. This time it’s dessert. I made some lasagna casserole and a peach upside-down cake. Yes! I actually got to bake something! We bought flour yesterday.

Yesterday I decided to go for a walk. The weather was pleasant, not too hot, not to cold. A little overcast, so the sun wasn’t beating down. We walked in a direction we had never walked in before. Mainly because there’s no sidewalks. But I thought I would go take a look and see if it could be done. Across the street from the apartment entrance, I crossed the street, and walked along a dirt trail for a few blocks. When that ended, there was no longer any sidewalks or places to walk on either side of the street. I crossed the street and walked into an apt. complex driveway to be off the street, and behind the apts was able to get onto a golf course that runs right beside the road. I walked down the golf course path (there was nobody on the course) and when I came off, there were sidewalks the rest of the way. It worked out really good.

After I had gotten so far, I decided I would go up and see if the thrift store was open. We stopped for awhile to play at the Firefighter’s Park. That was a nice treat because the children really don’t get to play at the playground very often. –Wait, actually, they do every week. Since we meet on Sunday’s at a public school, there is a playground out back, and when everyone is having refreshments out there between church and sunday school, the kiddos get to play. But, I don’t *take* them to the playground very often.

The thrift store was closed by the time we got there, I think it closes at 3 or 3:30. Then we went across the street and went to Walgreens. I got a preschool workbook for MJ.

He did 10 pages in it today. It’s fun doing school with him. For 9 of the pages there was things like “Which one is different?” “Which one is bigger/smaller” etc. He had to circle the correct answer. I figured he’d be able to eke that out, but he actually did better with the circles than I expected. He has been getting more control over the pencil lately.

After we went to Walgreens, I called M and asked if he would be willing to come pick us up after work. It had gotten kind of late, and he would pass by there on the way home. This Walgreens is right next to Sams Club, so he told me to go start shopping and he would meet me there after work. That worked out really nicely, because we had to go anyways this weekend. And now we’ve been able to stay home all day.

When we got home I made spaghetti and spinach salad. We buy the big bag of baby spinach leaves and use that exclusively for salads. (Which we eat a lot of.) So I was really bummed with all the hoopla over contaminated spinach, and was glad to see it back on the shelf last night.

That’s all for now, hopefully I wasn’t too long-winded.


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