Almost November

Well, here we are, tomorrow will be November! Where did September and October go?? Last I knew it was still August. The weather has been wonderful. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t seem so late in the year. Mid to high 70’s.

Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of our betrothal. We celebrated with some Haagen-Dazs ice cream I found on sale and “snuck” home. Recently we’ve been teasing each other in the evenings about going to get some ice cream. Last night I said,

“Why don’t you go get some ice cream?”
M said, “Why did you bring that up!?!”
“Well, it’s not very far away, all you have to do is walk over there….”(pointing with my finger across the livingroom towards the window where the stores are across the street and continuing to sweep my hand across the apartment to point at the refridgerator) “…to the freezer!”

It took a minute to register. “What?!? We have ice cream??”

Ahh… I love springing surprises on my hubby!

I wonder what November will bring…


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