There is a huge wildfire nearby that started yesterday. You can read the details here. Thursday morning when I woke up I thought that it was just overcast. M called later in the morning and mentioned the fire and how smokey it was in the town (about 1/2 hr from here) where he works, and that there was ash falling from the sky. After he said that I realized that the sky was brown/grey from the smoke, not clouds. We have a glass sliding door in the livingroom, but it must have a better seal to it, because the smoke came in to the toy room worse, and it just has a window. After awhile you could smell it all over in the house, though, and I think it gave me a headache. Throughout the afternoon the sky got increasingly worse. My company had come and at one point they got a phone call announcing that K’s soccer practice  was cancelled. I was glad, thinking that being outside too much, let alone breathing hard would not be too good on the lungs. We were watching Pride & Prejudice, so we were able to just keep going and watch a couple more episodes since they didn’t have to leave so soon. We watched half of it. I’ve actually never seen it… and am really enjoying it.

Today I got 11 diaper covers in the mail. I used to have a nice stash of cloth diapers and covers before the theft. Since then I’ve been using two packages of “plastic pants” that we bought at Wal-Mart. However, recently they all seemed to start sprouting holes. And they really aren’t “cheap”. I hate the thought of throwing away money on them every few months to buy new ones. So I was able to get a good deal on these. (2 from one person, 9 from another.) I’m pleased that they will last a lot longer.

I don’t know what the plans are for tomorrow. I’m hoping we can hit the thrift stores for some things we need, if not, we at least should go to Sams for some groceries.

E woke up and I need to go get her back to sleep.


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