Keeping up with the Joneses

Well, here I was, checking a couple other people’s blogs when it struck me… hmm, maybe I should update my own? Oh yeah! My blog!

Sorry to be mia. I’ve not had much time on the computer lately since I don’t get on until the evening, and by then I’m tired and also want to spend time with M.

Today I got a neat link to a website that tells how to make yummy sounding Pancakes/Waffles in your blender, with whole oats and brown rice! It sounds really interesting! You soak the uncooked oats and rice in the blender overnight in milk with some other ingredients, and in the morning, it’s ready to go! I’m going to try this out this weekend, and I’ll let you all know how it goes.

Last weekend I tried an oatmeal muffin recipe. It sounded good, and also appealed to me because it didn’t have any flour in it, and we don’t have any right now. But, I was using one of those Pampered Chef wet/dry ingredient measuring cups where you turn it over and it’s wet ingredients, and the other side is dry ingredients. I guess I must have messed up (it’s kind of tricky to read) and ended up adding too much liquid. The batter was extremely soupy, and although I didn’t think it would turn out, I went ahead and baked a pan (for awhile at least) anyways. They didn’t turn out and I had to throw everything away.

Am I making you hungry yet, Mom? (She told me that she always gets hungry reading my blog!) Come visit us and I’ll make you some of this yummy stuff. –Although, I’d rather have you show me how to do all kinds of stuff, since you’re the real Chef!

Other than that, nothing very exciting has been happening lately.

M was on call all last week and weekend, but thankfully nobody ever called him. All the employees are on a rotation to be on call for a week. He was filling in for someone who just quit, so his turn will come up again in another month or two, but after that it’ll be awhile.

I can hardly believe it’s nearly November! Both September and October seemed to fly by to me. This time of year always makes me a bit nostalgic. M and I were betrothed on October 30th. And then the holiday season reminds me of the countdown to our wedding (in January). I remember being really anxious for Christmas to be over, because our wedding was shortly thereafter. And since everyone makes a big to-do about Christmas, it was easy to count down the days. I think it will feel strange to see x-mas lights and trees and such when it’s not “wintery” weather. It’s already hard to remember it’s almost Halloween. (For the record, we don’t celebrate any of these holidays. They’re just kind of hard to ignore.)

Well, hopefully I’ll have something a bit more interesting to report next time!



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