Playing with Friends

This week has been mostly mundane. We did have the S’s over for dinner on Tuesday, so that was fun. I served cornflake-crumb breaded baked tilapia, rice, asparagus and bread. They brought a chocolate cake. After dinner the men went to a bible study and us ladies got to visit.

Thursday I didn’t have my usual company, as they had something come up.

Today I took the bus to the pastor’s house and visited with his wife. Their children love to play with M, and vice-versa. They had recently gotten a present of one of those motorized cars for children, (like a barbie jeep type thing) and they all had fun driving (and crashing!) the thing all over the backyard. M came and picked us up after work and we came home and had 15 bean soup that I had been crock-potting all day. It turned out really yummy!

Tomorrow I’m hoping we’ll go to the new museum near here, but we’ll see.

I was just searching for information about abortionists in our old town. I have a newly pregnant friend who lives there and I wanted to give her the heads up on who the abortionists are so she can steer clear of them. I couldn’t find anywhere that actually said where you could get an abortion in that town. I know they do them, but if I can’t find out where on the net, neither can anyone else! I happened across a blog of some seeming whacko regular guy who is “running” for president. He was bicycling across the country, and in his blog mentioned meeting with a friend of ours in our old town. I chuckled about that and told M, and then as I was scrolling down on the page, a couple of entries later, he mentioned meeting someone else we know in a different state! What are the chances of that? It was funny. (And both meetings weren’t about abortion; one was and the other was about wind turbines.)

We’ll see what we do this weekend. I’ll update you.

The weather has gotten warmer this week. It was downright hot today.



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