Deep Blue

This weekend we watched two very neat movies. The first was “The March of the Penguins”, which I had heard good things about when it came out. It was quite interesting, there is a lot more to those birds and their quest for survival than meets the eye.

BUT…. the second movie we watched, Deep Blue, was one I had never heard of before, and am disappointed that it’s not better advertised. This film is a gem! An absolute masterpiece! Go here to find out about it and view the trailer, and then get thee to the nearest video store or library to check it out!

Deep Blue is a BBC production that will dazzle the senses with it’s epic musical score and thrilling footage of beautiful underwater creatures, including some odd deep-sea life never before filmed. One of the most awe-inspiring scenes in the movie, to me, was a huge mass of tiny fish that were being eaten in a true “feeding frenzy” by dolphins, birds, and even a whale. The school of fish would dart with one accord in one direction, and then reverse direction flawlessly, instantly, with every last fish doing the same. At one point they are all swimming around and around in a fish underwater ‘cyclone’. It looked like a tornado made from fish, they were all swimming in a vortex.

I can’t say enough about how incredibly fascinating this movie is. You should definately see it!!



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    This sounds like a great movie. This would be a great “science lesson” for the children, I think! Thanks for mentioning it.

    I am praying for you and that you will be feeling better and have more energy!

    Love Karen T. from T2CHK

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