Keeping Up

Okay, well, I feel bad for not keeping up so well with my blog lately.

I have been kind of sick lately and so my energy level has gone down quite a bit. Hopefully I’ll get over it soon and things will get back to normal.

Yesterday was our usual Thursday get-together with the B family. We had a good time, as always. They even helped out with some things since I wasn’t feeling 100%.

Last night we went the the P’s house for a meeting with the church officials. Our membership will be announced on Sunday and the week after that it will become official. After being here for 3 months, I already feel like one of the group, so it kind of miffs me to hear us spoken of as “visitors” still. I’ll be glad to be legit.

Since I’ve been feeling poorly, the laundry room project has been placed on hold.

On Tuesday, I took the bus to a friend’s house and visited. That was enjoyable, but tiring, and I think that was when I was first starting to feel bad. One of her little girls, and her son are around MJ’s age, so they had a blast playing. She has a nice backyard, so it was good for them to just be able to play outside for awhile. I’m not used to having a yard since MJ was born, so I can’t really say I “miss” it, but I do wish that we had one. She made the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time! It was salmon (the kind that’s like tuna) on sourdough bread, toasted with melted Provolone cheese on them. It was tasty!

On Monday, the S’s from church dropped by since they were in the area. It was a nice surprise, we’ve never had drop-in visitors in this house! We had been planning to go out to a Korean restaurant with them sometime during the week, so on the spur of the moment, they suggested we go right then. It was a Korean BBQ place, and very delicious! Quite the experience, too. They brought out about a dozen different little bowls with all kinds of appetizers in it, ranging from bean sprouts, to zucchini, to squid, to pickles, and a whole deep-fried fish, head & all!

M had an octopus dish, that came with tenticles all over the plate. Eeeww! Kinda freaked me out. Mrs. S had dumpling soup, which was really tasty. Mr. S and I had the same thing, “D-4” which was thin sliced beef strips that were grilled on the grill right in the middle of the table. However they seasoned it, it was delicous! We also tried some hot Sake. It has been featured in many of the books I read about the Pacific, so it was interesting to finally taste it. It didn’t really taste ‘bad’, but I think I would prefer something else over that. I can understand why people would drink that if nothing else was availible, though! Especially during the horrors of WWII! Dinner was topped off with a sweet ginger dessert drink in a little bowl.

Well, I think that’s about all the interesting things that happened this week! If I don’t update through the weekend, I’ll at least try to be back here on Monday.



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    Mrs. Mobunny said,

    *********M had an octopus dish, that came with tenticles all over the plate.*************

    Ds had frog legs the last time we all ate out as a family. It was a really good place to eat, but I slowly but surely lost my appetite as the meal went on. Isn’t it funny how some people can be so used to a certain kind of food, and it makes ‘our’ knees weak?
    Mrs. Mo

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