Laundry Room

Well, I’m really tired today and don’t feel like doing anything!

But, I’ve been needing to get to the laundry room for a long time, now. It’s really bad. One of the problems is that it’s so tiny, I don’t have anywhere to put stuff. The highchair usually goes at that end of the kitchen and blocks the doors to the laundry room, because if the highchair isn’t down there, it’s in the way of the kitchen. And then I have a laundry basket for the dirty laundry on the floor in the laundry room, which means I can hardly step into the room. (That’s how much floorspace there is!) There is a mound of diapers permanently on the top of the dryer. (And currently also some clean towels that were never folded and put away.)

I don’t know exactly what I’m expecting the end result to be, since I can’t really make it bigger… but I’ll at least de-clutter and see if I can get rid of stuff that shouldn’t be in there. I would do before and after pics, but I don’t think there’s enough light in there to get a good pic with my lousy camera. –Oh, and I just forgot, I don’t have any batteries anyways.

I’m going to go fold a load of laundry now, while E is sleeping, to get started on this project.



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