Natural History Museum

Today we went to the San Diego Natural History Museum, courtesy of the Smithsonian. They were offering free admission to museums throughout the country today.

I had been there with the children in March, when we had come down for a job hiring conference for M.

We had a good time. It is a fairly small museum, easily gone through in 2-3 hours. Nothing like the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, which I had the pleasure of going to once. I would love to go back to that! Anyways, they had one section with a bunch of fossils and faux animals and such, that was closed when I was there. Also, they had some live snakes and bugs, that I don’t remember. And, to top it off, their new dinosaur exhibit was open, which turned out to be pretty cool. They had several large motorized dinos in a “natural habitat” section, that moved and made noise. MJ was slightly alarmed, but I think I convinced him they were just robots. I know that kind of thing would have terrified me as a child! They had old movie posters all over the walls, all movies about dinosaurs and “King Kong” type beasts. It’s surprising how many movies there are in that genre.

We also enjoyed two giant screen films, “Vikings, Journey to New Worlds” which I had previously seen and knew M would enjoy, and “Ocean Oasis”, a very beautiful film that was about the Baja California sealife and wildlife. It was really interesting, and very scenic.

On our way back to the parking lot, we had to pass the Carousel, which M was generous enough to let MJ ride on. I went on with him, but came off again with a headache! I know MJ had fun on it, though, so I’m glad he had the opportunity to go. I remember riding the Portland Zoo’s carousel as a child, and it’s a fond memory. As we were going into the museum, the little zoo train went past us and the people were waving to MJ. He really wanted to ride it.

Yesterday I took the children on a “nature walk”. We saw some butterflies, some honeybees getting nectar, some birds, and even a squirrel! (Squirrels are more rare here than they were in MT, we saw dozens of them all the time there.) I walked in a direction I had never been before, about 2 1/2 miles in one direction, and we found a playground so we stopped there and played for a bit.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before or not, but last week we picked up a double stroller I found from freecycle. I was told that there was a problem with the wheel beforehand. It’s missing a little metal cap that keeps the wheel on the spoke, on one of the back wheels. I cut a piece of plasic with a hole in it to fit over and keep the wheel on, which worked for awhile, but eventually fell off. We used the stroller today at the museum. Although the wheel was a bit tilted, it actually stayed on fine, which was really nice. I should be able to get a cap to put on it fairly easily. I just need to be at a store that would sell something like that, and I don’t know when we’ll be at one.

Tomorrow is the fellowship meal at church again already. I can hardly believe it’s October tomorrow! Where did September go?

If I’m more scarce on here, it’s because I’m trying to cut back on internet time. I need to spend more time with my children.



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