Fried Chicken

Sorry about this slump in posting!

We’ve been doing great! The weather has been more “autumn-like” now. Today was warmer, though. We went swimming today. It was fairly chilly, though. It took me several minutes to get used to the water temperature. I didn’t stay in too long, though.

We had two families over last Sunday. The T family, minus Mr. T who had to work, and the W family. The T’s brought the fixin’s for apple crisp, and the W’s brought a very yummy salad and some home-juiced apple juice. It was delicious! Tasted very apple-y and crisp. Just the perfect thing for fall.

Mrs. W tried to help me figure out my sewing machine, and we seemed to be getting closer to a solution, but it’s still wacked out. I really hoped I could get it figured out. I’m not even sure it’s something fix-able. Then on Monday morning I was fiddling with it some more and at one point the needle got bent. Not broken, just bent! I don’t know WHAT caused that! *sigh*

Yesterday I had another bus fiasco. Everything was working perfectly, and then I got on the Northbound bus accidentally. I was supposed to take the Southbound bus. I was waiting for the bus, and when it pulled up right on time, I just hopped on, not even thinking it might not be the correct one. They’re not very well marked. I thought, well, once we get to the end of the run, it will turn into a Southbound bus, and I’ll get home. Wrong. I was on the last bus of the day. The last Southbound had already run earlier. I was stuck. To top it all off, I had forgotten (for the first time) my cell phone. I was in an industrial hospital area, so I went inside to use a pay phone. Both of them rejected my quarters. I was finally able to use a desk receptionist’s phone, and called M. He said he couldn’t come get me because he had happened to bring his company van home. (Only the 2nd time.) The van only has 2 seats up front. I was in the area of a friend’s house, so I had M look up her number and I called her. Thankfully she was able to come get me. I felt really stupid and terrible. Everything worked out in the end, I guess.

Tonight we are going to go pick up a double stroller from freecycle. It is near a park, so we are going to bring a picnic. I’m going to make fried chicken, bbq chips and coleslaw. Hmm, I hope  that’s enough food.

I need to go get started on the picnic food now.


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