Boating, Bus Trip

Sorry, I just realized I haven’t updated in a few days. I’ve been kind of swamped!

Saturday we were gone all day boating with the S’s. We had a lot of fun. When we first got there, they didn’t have any pontoon boats, (the only kind big enough to hold us all) and so we had to be put on a waiting list. Thankfully, the wait wasn’t very long. We also realized we *could* have reserved it. Duh. Oh well, next time! Also, the bike path was now open, so I think we are planning on doing that next Saturday. The boating was a lot of fun. I made some tasty chicken sandwiches, and iced tea, and the S’s brought some various snack foods. We saw several cranes, some lizards, lots of fish near the dock, and even a baby deer! That part was probably the coolest. We were in this little area of the lake that went back into a little nook area, and the hill on shore was pretty. M spotted a little deer on the shore, and it stayed around letting us look at it for quite awhile. It really camoflaged in well.

On Sunday we had our preacher back, finally. He had been gone for two weeks, (even though it seemed like 3!) and then last week, we had a guest preacher. So this was his first time preaching in a long time! I always enjoy his sermons. Thank the Lord for a good, solid teacher! For Sunday School we started watching Francis Schaeffer’s “How Should We Then Live” DVD series. I wasn’t able to pay attention to the whole thing, but what I saw was interesting.

After services we had the T family over to our house for lunch. I had started some rice before we left, and we made stir-fry. It turned out pretty yummy, but took a bit longer to prepare than I had hoped. They have 3 children, so the kiddos all had fun playing together. We had some cookies that Mrs. T had left over from snacks at church, and some tea.

Yesterday I had to take the bus to Hemet to go to the Social Security office and get MJ’s SS#. We have been battling for the past 2 1/2 years to get it! It’s been such a headache. We finally got a letter about a month ago saying they were sending his card out, and that we should get it in “two weeks”. But we really needed the number now, so I had to go up and get it. Hemet was the closest place that had a SS office. Otherwise I would have had to go to Riverside! Whew! As it was, I left the house about 10:20, caught the bus outside our apts. down to the library bus stop, and transferred over to the Hemet bus. I had just enough exact change to get a day pass ($3.75) plus the .50 needed for the children, for the first bus. Since we were going to the library stop, and there was about 45 minutes until the next bus came, I was going to return some books and  have them swipe my cc/atm card and get some cash back for the bus fare. (I just needed the .50 for the children.) Well, when we got to the bus stop, I realized that the times had changed, and I had only about 10 min. wait between busses. Good! I ran up to the library to get my change, and realized to my horror, that the library doesn’t open until noon on Mondays! I went around to the back where the bookstore is, which was open, but they don’t take credit cards. I was getting frantic, I didn’t know what to do. There was no time to walk anywhere else, and I didn’t want to have to wait an hour to get on the next bus, because then I’d have to take a very late bus home. When the bus arrived I explained the situation and told them I could pay extra when I took the bus home. They let me on. I was the only passenger for a long time. It was a trainee and a woman training him, so he kept almost taking the wrong turn, etc. We went all around in a huge loop around southern Temecula, including a stop for fuel where we had to get off. Thankfully E slept most of the time, but towards the last 5 minutes or so she was getting really fussy and I couldn’t quiet her much. I realized, also, that I could have taken a bus stop nearby our house and gotten directly on the Hemet bus, without having to ride 2 busses, and being driven all around until they finally started up towards Hemet. Oh well, I guess I’ll know for next time! (Hopefully they’ll be no next time!)

The SS office had about 30 people in rows of chairs, waiting when I first got there. I signed in and  got a number 20 numbers ahead of what was being called. I was really grumpy because we hadn’t eaten anything and I was feeling like it was going to take forever. Thankfully it moved at a quicker pace than I had expected. Afterwards we went to Subway. I had a buy one 6″ sub, get one free coupon. It tasted especially good after starving all day!

I also went to Target and picked up a few things, and the dollar store, and browsed a couple places. M had called me and said he would come pick me up after work, because if I had taken the bus back at that point I wouldn’t get home until something like 7pm. I was really apologetic that he had to take the time to come all the way up after work, but he was just thrilled to have gotten the number, finally. He even said he was going to take me out to dinner tonight, partly to celebrate that we have the number, and partly out of gratitude that I went through all the trouble of getting it yesterday.

Today I have to go mail something for M… I know there is some kind of place across the street that mails things, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to use it, or not. I really hope so, because if not, I’ll have to take another bus and try to find a post office somewhere. (I’ve seen two when we’re out and about, but neither of them were very close, and I don’t know if they were on the bus route.)

I put E down for her morning nap, thinking that we’d go when she got up, but she only just now….. hold the phone, she didn’t fall asleep yet, I just heard her cry again! She was quiet for a little bit, I don’t think she slept though. It’s 10 though, now, and M wanted us to do this fairly early. I’m overnighting something, and we aren’t sure if the time you mail it matters or not. (Like before noon or something.) Now I’m wondering if I should just get her up and go without her napping. But I hate to interrupt them. I still need to get ready to go, though.



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