Very Enjoyable Day

Well, yesterday wasn’t so enjoyable, but today was!

On Wednesday evening we went to Sam’s Club and picked up a carpet cleaner. So Thursday morning I had to move all the furniture out of the livingroom, vacuum and clean the livingroom/diningroom carpet. It was pristine when we moved in and it had gotten really terrible looking. Then we went to the playground while it dried. When we got home it still wasn’t dry, so I started watching Wives & Daughters in the playroom on the laptop. It was really good. (What I’ve seen so far!)

This morning I vacuumed again and put all the furniture back. The carpet looks great, but I’m hoping I won’t have to do that again anytime soon. It was a real pain and a lot of work. Anyways, it’s over now. My friend Mrs. B wasn’t able to come for our usual Thursday get-together, but she came this morning and picked me up and we went back to her house. We had a really good time! We had lunch, the kiddos played together, and we had scruptious homemade scones with devonshire cream. (Yummy!) And we watched Love Comes Softly. I enjoyed the movie, too. It wasn’t exactly like the book, but close enough. I didn’t feel like they ‘botched’ it too badly.

This evening I finally got to meet an online friend, Mrs. L, who just moved here from Texas. She runs the message board “Healthy Body Bootcamp“, which I’ve just gotten into now. I was really excited and nervous to meet her but I felt like we hit it off really well. She’s got three little boys, and I think our kids will have a blast playing together.

Tomorrow we are going boating with the S’s. It promises to be a lot of fun!


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  1. 1

    Phyllis said,

    Hi! I enjoyed reading your blog. For some reason what stood out to me is that you’re another family like us who actually uses public transportation! 🙂

  2. 2

    Vicki said,

    Wow Amy—hadn’t gotten around to checking this till today but now I know your complete history since your arrival. Your ordeal in moving seems even more heartbreaking after reading it in first person, but you have survived and thrived it seems. I am proud of you both, dear daughter.

    Mom V

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