Well, it is just after 10pm now and I’m starting to nod off. I need to get to bed. M already went in about 8! He was pretty tired, I guess. I got up early this morning and I am, too. I was going to write a quick post about 1/2 hour ago, and loaded the page, but then got caught up with something else. So I thought I would write it now, quickly.

 Today I walked over to Walgreens and got a bunch of stuff. Practically every thing I got was with a coupon, most of them .39 cent coupons! I got 3 cheapy dvd movies (reg. $1) for .39/ea, 6 taper candles to put in some holders someone gave us for $1, a box of ziplock baggies for .99, a box of tissues for .99, (we usually just use toilet paper, but MJ has a bit of a runny nose lately and I’m tired of running to the bathroom all the time). I got 3 little “matchbox” type cars for .39… there was a limit of three, but I’ll probably go back again and get some more… they’re cute. He got an armoured van, a Jaguar, and a red VW Bug (my fave). Let’s see… I got another .99 candle, the same kind I had before, it smells really good! And I “splurged” a bit and bought a little pack of 3 tiny “play-doh” type clay and some tiny cookie cutters for MJ out of the $1 isle. He had fun with it.

When we came home, we all went into the pool for about an hour. It was fun. Last time we were in, MJ only wanted to go on the steps, but I wrestled him out into the water, and while clinging onto me for dear life, after he stopped screaming, he actually laughed and had fun. Then he would stand on the side and jump in, if I held his hands as he jumped. Today he transitioned to jumping in without me holding onto his hands. A few times I let his head go under a bit, most of the time I caught him when he was mid-chest level. When his head went under I was sure to put him back up to do it again, sputtering and laughing about how much water he splashed into my face, so he wouldn’t get upset. It seemed to work. He also held onto the froggie float thing we have and floated by himself for awhile. He’s getting warmed up to the pool, slowly but surely.

Before we came home from Walgreens, I went to Albertsons to see if they had any pool things. I want to get one of those floating ring seats that a baby can sit in, so E can be in the pool hands free. But unfortunately I was just a little too late, all their “Summer” isle stuff had been switched over to “Halloween”. They had balls on sale for .50 ea, so I bought one to play with in the pool. As soon as we were next to the display, all the way until we paid for the item, popped into Von’s and walked home, E was repeatedly saying “Ball! Ball!”. She was on my back in the Ergo and she was straining around trying to get at the ball in the bag MJ was carrying. I kid you not, she kept up her tirade for at least 5 minutes straight, if not more like closer to 10. She would not give up… very, very stubborn!

We had Jambalaya for dinner tonight. It was pretty good. I modified the recipe a bit by substituting some meatless “sausage” for the chicken and salad shrimp for the large (more expensive) shrimp it called for. It turned out pretty yummy, but I accidentally put too much hot sauce in it and E couldn’t eat it. MJ was having a tough time with it too, but I don’t think he pinpointed the cause, because neither he nor I said anything out loud about it being hot.

I’m heading to my nice soft bed now.


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