Diamond Valley Lake

We were all excited about trying out a new bike path I found on Saturday. It goes all the way around Diamond Valley Lake. When we got there, however, the person at the gate said that they’ve closed the trail down for awhile because it had been so hot they had to call paramedics out a couple times for people stuck on the trail. So we decided to just rent a boat and go out on the lake, instead. We got the half-day rate, we got there about 12:30 and left about 6pm. We had a picnic, and a good time. MJ even got to “drive” the boat. The boat was a little bigger, and had a steering wheel this time. We’re going back next Saturday with some friends and renting a nicer, bigger pontoon boat that has comfy-looking seats and a canopy.

On Sunday we got to meet Mr. S’s wife, who he just brought home from the Philippines. (They were married about 9 mos ago but she wasn’t able to get her visa until recently.) She is very sweet, and I have a feeling we’re going to get along well. She is only a couple months younger than me, we have the same birth year. After church, we went to their home for a wonderful time of fellowship, spaghetti, homegrown grapes & pears, and Uno.

Well, MJ just woke up and needs his breakfast, so I need to get off of here. I’m trying to not be online when both children are awake.


e2.JPG marcus10.JPG amy4.JPG jr4.JPG


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