It is 8am and I just got up. I nuked a cup of leftover tea and now I’m sitting here writing this. I can’t remember the last time I slept in this late. My kiddos used to sleep very late, so I would just sleep in, too. Then they decided to become early-birds, and rarely sleep past 6:30 now. (At least, E doesn’t. MJ sometimes sleeps later, but he’s been getting up a lot earlier lately.) So this was a treat. I feel fairly well rested.

It is very foggy this morning. It can be foggy early in the morning, but it doesn’t usually last this late. It also appears wet like it rained. I’m supposed to go to the library today, so I hope the weather will cooperate. On Wednesday, when I was at the library, I had returned a bunch of books, but hadn’t kept very good track of them, and there were a couple that were due that day. They had already been renewed so I am now racking up fines on them. Probably .10 a day or something, and libraries usually have one or two days of grace. I asked M last night if he wanted to drop them off some time this weekend or if he would rather have me spend $3.50 round-trip on the bus to do it myself today. He opted for me to do it. He really hates little errands like that. Now I know he hates them at least $3.50 worth! I wonder if he hates them $5.00 worth?

It’s almost the weekend! Yay! We might go biking on a new trail I found, that goes around Diamond Valley Lake. (It’s 27 or so miles long.)  Or… we might stay home if I have to nurse a sick guy. M told me last night a co-worker has been sick, and that he feels like he’s coming down with something. I hope not. He also told me last night that he hated to say it, but his neck still hurts from when he was rear-ended a few weeks back. I massaged it for him and asked him what he wanted to do about it, and he said he’d just wait it out a bit longer.

So, anyways, my plans for today is to leave fairly early (before noon, hopefully) and drop those books off at the library, and also walk down to the store down there and pick up some more Grape Nuts (or store brand) for M. There’s also a health food store and I was going to see if slivered or sliced almonds were a good price, as M has been wanting some of those, and they didn’t have any at Sams Club.

I wanted to pass on something that got me to thinking. I was perusing the wonderful website, http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/ and she was talking about convience foods that are good bang for the buck, and those that are not. She was saying that juice concentrate is much cheaper, but that when her sink is full of dishes, and she can’t fit a pitcher in it to fill it up, that she gets lazy. So she said she resolved to keep her sink empty, and it’s now a breeze to save money buy making up juice concentrate. I think it would be wise for me to heed that tip, as well. I find that when my sink is full of dishes, I don’t feel like making salad, since I can’t wash the ingredients very well. Who would have thought that something as simple as that would make so much difference?

I figure my swimsuit will probably get here today, just to spite me. (Since it’s raining and I wouldn’t be able to use it!) Honestly, though, it would be really nice if it came today so we could use it for swimming this weekend. *sigh* I don’t think it will happen, though.



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