I was just looking at my blog stats, and on one day I got 39 views! And another I had 37… in one day, not including my own. Yay! I might be starting to get the word out.

Another amusing thing, was that it tells what search terms people have used to search for my page. SOMEBODY out there searched for me with the term: “Mrs No Swimsuit”. I had to laugh over that one! Who are you? Come forward! Well, the name is apt, as it is still not here. I called the PO today and asked about it. They said the person who sent it has to “file a search” for it. I emailed both the people to tell them, whose packages I’m missing.

Today I had another lovely afternoon with Mrs. B and her children. We played Clue again. She brought tuna sandwich fixings and some assorted mellon. I made some cheese and crackers and grape tomatoes. The tuna recipe was really good, with craisins and sunflower seeds in it. She also spoiled us all with some snickerdoodles and bite-sized carrot-cake cupcakes. I made tea again. It made us all kind of warm though, so I had to turn the A/C up. Oh well, hot tea is so yummy! We had Celestial Seasoning’s Peach Apricot Honeybush tea. It is quite yummy. I really look forward to our Thursdays. I felt bad that Mrs. B had to bring the lunch today, she always brings so much wonderful stuff. I just have a hard time figuring out what will feed us all. We have enough food for us, but having people over is another matter. We might have five or six chicken breasts, for instance, that would feed us for 3 meals. But having people over, it would only be one meal. So… perhaps we should swap and each supply lunch every other time, or something like that.

Well, M just told me he wants to watch a movie with smoothies, so I’d better get hopping.

Oh– thanks to Jennifer of Homekeeping Heart (who’s blog you can find in my blogroll) I found out today that Created To Be His Help Meet is now on audio!! (CD or MP3) I’m so excited. I need to nag my husband into buying it now…. oops! I guess that would defeat the purpose of buying a book with that title. Oh well. http://www.createdtobehishelpmeet.org/



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