Well, September is here already! I can’t wait for the cooler weather. It will be nice to be able to get outdoors more. I’m looking forward to being able to walk further than a block without feeling exhausted. This heat just saps all your energy.

We’ve had a good day. After church this morning we had a fellowship meal, and then went with a group of other families to the R’s house for some more fellowship and dinner. (Very yummy!) They have a lovely home, with beautiful roses in the yard, and a pool in the backyard. <insert growling here> Too bad my swimsuit isn’t here yet! <end growling> I did end up taking my shoes off and standing on the pool step so E could play in it. Unfortunatly I didn’t pack swimwear for anyone. MJ was itching to go in. E was too, and I finally bummed a swim diaper off someone and just let her go in that. It was really hot, but it finally started cooling off.

Yesterday after picking the truck up from the shop and going to Sams for some groceries, we drove down to San Diego. It was probably somewhat of a flawed idea, since we didn’t arrive until about 5pm. We were going to ride our bikes on the Bay Shore Bikeway, to Coronado. The map was a little confusing though, and we ended up going from the starting point, the wrong direction. There was a bike path there, which was nice, and went right along the harbor. But after awhile it ended. And it was starting to get dark. So we turned back to the starting point, and decided to keep going the other way. After awhile we ran into an area that bicycles weren’t allowed. Okay… that’s not the right direction, either! We finally found the right path! Of course it was dark by now. But we were having fun. It was cool to see all the ships in the harbor. There was a huge carosel in an octogon-shaped building with big windows, and some horsedrawn carriages. There were also people. Lots of people. The area was pretty packed. There must have been some major events going on. There was a game at Petco Park, and something happening at the Civic Center. We had to ride extremely slow, even stopping through crowds of people, trying not to run anyone down. There were also several intersections we had to cross, riding around all the cars backed up also trying to get by. After awhile we had to ride in the street’s bikelane, which usually makes me nervous, but there was virtually no traffic down that street. It was also darker in that area because there weren’t a lot of lights. I was a little scared it seemed a little like an unsafe area, especially at night. But it wasn’t too bad. We finally decided around 9 to turn around and go back.

It wasn’t exactly what we hoped for, but it was still fun, in a different sort of way. For one, it (at least the part we were on) wasn’t exactly a “bike trail”, it was just riding on sidewalks and the street, following a certain route. There were a lot of those bicycle carts that have seats in them that young guys could give people rides in. But I was quite surprised at how many people gawked at and mentioned our bike trailer that MJ and E were riding in. It was kind of odd, like nobody had ever seen one before.

Well, M wants to start a movie now, so I need to go. He just accused me of writing in my “new, secret blog”. It feels kind of funny that he doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it!



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