Hmm, I just noticed that this post only saved as a draft, I thought I had published it already the other day. 

Well, looks like the pain in my ears was caused by some jamb-packed earwax in there! I know this happens to people regularly, but had never had it happen to me before. As I was sitting there waiting for the nurse to come flush out my ears, I was thinking about the home-kits that you can buy at the drug store to do it yourself. But you can’t do it to yourself, and I didn’t think M would do it. Also, our deductible with our new insurance is like $2300 or something ridiculous, so we had to pay for the whole procedure, which was over $100! 😦 (If you will note, that is the first “smiley” I’ve used on my blog. I have been trying to hone my writing skills to convey what emotion I’m using without using props. But in this case, I just need it.) I was really bummed. M was upset about it, too, which made me feel even worse. I’d like to say my ears feel better now, but they still don’t. The Dr. ruled out an ear infection, and since I had no other symptoms, I didn’t think it likely, either. He said the tubes that connect the ears to the throat are probably swollen, and that over time, they will become less inflamed. He said I could take an OTC decongestant if I wanted to. I just hope the pain goes away soon. It’s not horrible pain, and it hasn’t been constant the whole 2 weeks, but it has definately been there, and today it’s hurt all day.

After the appointment, we went to the repair shop and dropped our truck off. We already had our bikes in the back, so we rode home. We had to ride in the street for a little ways, (which I didn’t like) and then we rode on sidewalks. Then I remembered a bike path I had seen when I’ve walked near the library, so we took that for most of the way. We actually kept going on it to the end, and then turned around and went home. It was very hot, so we were quite tired. And still NO swimsuit. –(I’m resisting putting another frowny face in here!)– And no sign of another package I was expecting, either. Or of some important letters M is looking out for. Just junk mail again. I even called the office at our apts when we got in to ask if there happened to be a package, or if anyone else had complained of not receiving mail. Nope. I didn’t think so. WHERE IS IT??? Grrrrr. I’m really ticked about the whole thing. At this point, it’s been so long, I just can’t believe it will ever get here.

We ate dinner, I talked to a friend on the phone, to invite them to dinner on Monday, we drank smoothies, and we watched a movie, “John Q”. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it.

Well, M already went to bed and I told him I’d be in in a minute, so I’m going to wrap this up.


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