Bad Movies

I wanted to give a brief word on two movies we saw.

One was “The Ladykillers” with Tom Hanks. It was a remake of an older movie, which I do recommend. But this one was dripping with profanity. I did think Tom Hank’s character was amusing, he was the criminal mastermind but very “Southern gentlemanly”. He spoke with a quaint accent and always used funny expressions. He lets the old lady’s cat out of the house, and instead of just saying, “Do I really have to climb the tree to get him down?” Says instead,

                         I am so terribly sorry, madam. But
                         won’t the feline eventually tire of
                         his lonely perch and, pining for his
                         master’s affection, return on his
                         own initiative?

                                     MRS. MUNSON
                         Huh? No, he won’t come down less you
                         fetch him. He’d set there til Gabriel
                         blows his horn if someone didn’t
                         shimmy up. Up with you now!

                         Well then couldn’t we perhaps offer
                         him kitty treats and enticements, or
                         if not foodstuffs perhaps squeaky
                         little toys of the kind formerly
                         manufactured in Hong Kong but now
                         produced in the other so-called
                         “Little Tigers” of the Pacific Rim? The point
                         bein’, do we have to actually ascend
                         the tree–

He reminded me of M in that regard. M likes to say things in a funny way, not using the “normal” words that most readily spring to mind. Although Tom Hanks didn’t swear in the movie, I will have to give this a five thumbs down, because the other characters more than made up for any non-swearing characters.

The other movie was “Ice Age”. The DVD was scratched and so about 3/4 of the way through it wouldn’t play anymore. So while I haven’t seen the whole thing, and wouldn’t be against seeing the rest of it, I wouldn’t recommend it for young children. The biggest problem I had with it was the sabertooth tigers trying to capture a human baby, in recompense for his father, and the other hunters shooting a tiger. The head tiger talked all about how they had better bring it back alive, and that they were going to eat it. I just thought it was way too heavy a subject for a children’s cartoon. I mean, c’mon! Talking tigers gloating over how they’re going to snatch and eat a baby? Can your 3 year old really handle that? So, overall I’d have to say, fine for adults, but be aware of how able your child would be to handle the theme.


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