Bad Day

Wednesday really stunk! I went out, and I should have just stayed home and avoided all that trouble.

I saw a newspaper ad for a “huge blowout clearance sale” at Mervyns. (A department store, like JC Penney’s, I guess) Usually I just roll my eyes at those kinds of “sales” because I’m used to getting things at thrift stores. (WoW! A T-shirt for only $15.00! Marked down from $25.00!) But, this one said, everything up to $14 was $2, everything from $15-$30 was $4, and things $30 and up were $6. So, y’know, $2-$6 is pretty cheap! Decent. Thrift-store comparable prices. So I decided to take the bus down there. I needed to swing by the library, too. And I thought while I was out I’d just get a day-pass on the bus and go up to the thrift store, too.

Well, the first thing I learned was, that although the day pass was $3.75 for me, every time I got on I had to pay .50 for the children! That is DUMB. I didn’t pay the first time because I showed the bus driver in the bus guide where it has the prices for the passes, and for adults it says $3.75, and for children it says N/A. So I thought that meant that if the adult had a pass, the kids got on free. But I guess not. THAT is crazy. Its already crazy enough having to pay for E, since she sits on my lap!

Anyways, we went to the library first and then caught the bus again to Mervyns. Well, the first thing I realized was that the $2-$6 sales were only the things  that were already on the clearance racks. Plus, there was some other sales and there was a LOT of people there. So I had to vie for my space to go through the already-picked-through leftovers. It wasn’t very fun. I found only one thing, a t-shirt for $4.00. But the lines at the cash register were crazy, and I didn’t want to wait that long, so I just put it back. I was leaving, but then noticed another rack I hadn’t seen before, and looked through that. I found 2 t-shirts on that rack for $2.00 each, and by that time the line had subsided, so I went ahead and bought them.

Then we went to catch the bus up to the thrift store, but after waiting for about 10 minutes at the bus stop, about 5 min. before the bus got there, MJ said he had to go to the bathroom. I tried to convince him he could wait, but he wouldn’t be persuaded. So I had to find a restroom for him, which wasn’t too easy. I finally found one, and we got back. Thankfully we didn’t miss the bus. We were dropped off right outside the thrift store parking lot, which is convienent. We spent awhile in there, browsing. I found a neat homeschool thing for MJ. It’s a Clifford book with magnetic letters to make words with that stick in the book.


I found a pair of sandals, and a couple Elisabeth Elliot books, “A Lamp for my Feet: The Bible’s Light for Daily Living” and “Love Has a Price Tag” On the back it says, in part, “Love means self-giving. Self-giving means sacrifice.” This is something I really struggle with, so I’m excited to read it. AFTER I read all my other books, though! I have 3 books borrowed from other people right now that I need to make priority reading before I read ones that are mine.

Anyways, when it was time to leave, I began walking, looking for a bus stop where we could catch a Southbound bus home. I had never ridden the bus home from the thrift store, because the only other time I was there was when I bought the sewing machine, and M came and picked me up. Everywhere I have been there’s been plenty of bus stops, so I expected to find one any minute. We were also cutting it a bit close for the time it was supposed to arrive. But I just kept walking and walking and there was no bus stop to be seen! And then the sidewalk ran out and I couldn’t go any further. I couldn’t even walk home if I wanted to, which was still a long ways away, because there’s no sidewalk. So I had to walk all the way back up where I had started. It was very hot, it was late and I was tired, and I ran out of water and was quite thirsty. I had MJ in the umbrella stroller, with bags hanging off of it, and E on my back in the Ergo carrier. It was miserable.

I found a Northbound bus stop, and called the number on it. I asked where the closest place would be to catch a bus to where I needed to go, and they said that stop was the closest. (The place I needed to go!) Then they said that I could wait there until 5:15 and catch the Northbound bus up to the next stop and then get on the Southbound bus to get to where I needed to go. That sounded like a big pain, but it was also 45 minutes until the bus would get there. There was no bench or shade at that bus stop, so I went back to the stop where we had gotten off at the thrift store. I just resigned myself to the fact that we’d have to go North and transfer, but when the bus arrived, it happened to be going in the correct direction! Turns out, after all that, I could have caught the Southbound bus right there! The both stop there, but the sign was mis-marked. Grrrr. Talk about major frustration! We still had to go to the shopping complex across the street and return a video before we went home. When we got to the store, I decided to grab a couple things. Then we FINALLY started heading home, and about a block away, MJ asked me if I had taken “Dora” back. ‘Yes, of course, now be quiet, I’m tired!’ is what I was thinking, but suddenly it dawned on me that, no, I had totally forgotten to drop the videos off! So then I had to turn around and go all the way back to do that.

I was very crabby by the time we got home, even more so because my swim suit was STILL not there, and neither was the other package I was expecting. All we got was a credit card offer. I had been drooling over all the Starbucks all over the place, wrestling with myself, trying to justify “deserving” it after all I had been through. In the end I prevailed, and overcame the temptation. However, the first thing I did when I got home was to use the rest of the coffee we had (I had bought a tiny bit of coffee awhile back, I’d had about 3 cups.) and make an iced coffee drink.

M had had a hard day at work as well, and thankfully he got home late, otherwise I wouldn’t have been there yet. I always try to be home when he gets there.

This entry is getting long-winded and whoever is still reading must be really bored! So I’ll end this one up. I need to straighten up a bit for company, although it’s not really that bad. Mrs. B and her delightful children are coming over for lunch again. We’ve decided to go ahead and make it a weekly thing! I look forward to it.

Oh, and…. it’s FRIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-DAY! Okay, for us it is, at least, since M gets tomorrow off. Yay!


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