Motivational mood swings

I seem to be plagued by motivational mood swings. Some days (and even some parts of days) I am gung-ho, ready to tackle the world, and then the next, I’m sitting around not even dressed until 10am. What is with me?!? Well, I think I’ve discovered one thing, at least. Computer use effects me. If I’m on the computer too much it saps my motivation. I get lazy and tired, and don’t feel like getting up and doing chores, taking care of the children or even eating. It’s terrible — I know! So I’ve been trying to limit my daytime computer use now. I usually get on in the morning, and when the children are still asleep, it’s fine. But once they wake up, I need to get off. Late night is also okay sometimes, but I need to not be neglecting my husband, either, by making him go to bed by himself. Or stay up so late as to “have” to sleep in in the morning, or risk being a grouch all day.

This morning, E woke up about 6:20 or so, and was ready to go! I had stayed up too late on the computer, and wanted to sleep more. I got up with her, fully intending to put her back down in a little while, and catch some more Z’s myself, when, lo and behold, about 6:30am MJ comes prancing out of his room! My nap sprouted wings and took to the skies. Ah well. I shouldn’t have gone back to bed, anyways. And they both got to see their Pappy before he left, too. There was a breakfast at work today, so M didn’t need to eat this morning.

The house was already fairly clean from yesterday, so a little tidying here and there and it looks pretty good! I also finally got caught up on about 4 loads of laundry I’d been working on since Monday. Its ALL folded, AND put away (I hate that part) and I even did some ironing yesterday afternoon. (I put that off, too.) The kitchen is clean, both bathrooms are clean, my bed is made, the livingroom is presentable…. I’m feeling pretty good about things right now. I still need to continue working on clearing and organizing the desk area. The desk is looking a lot better, but there are still lots of things to go through on the shelf above the desk. I also need to collect and organize all the important receipts. I’d like to organize them into categories, but I’ll at least put them all in a safe place. I also want to go and collect all the directions to people’s houses that we’ve gotten, re-write them out and file them, so when we go there again, we’ll have the directions written out already.

We watched a movie last night, called “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” The premise seemed funny, and reading the back of the movie case it seemed like it would be entertaining. But I was turned off by it and found it offensive. It was very anti-christian.

It is about a man who is on a chain-gang in prison, crushing rocks. He decides to escape, and gets away, but he’s shackled to two other guys, a grouch and a dimwit. Throughout the course of the movie, (which is set in rural Mississippi in the ’30’s) it’s consistantly anti-God. The two “stooges” get baptized, and “renounce their life of sin”, while the main character constantly goads them about it. They meet a guy who “sold his soul to the devil” to learn to play the guitar, and the main character again uses that as an opportunity to belittle the two “saved” characters. They also meet a “bible salesman” who turns out to be a con man, who knocks them out with a giant tree branch and takes all their money. Towards the end of the movie, when they get caught, and are facing the hangman’s noose, the main character falls on his knees and confesses his faults and asks the Lord to spare them so he “can see his little girls again”. It was very touching, and I wondered if the movie would turn around. But I should have known better. A flood comes and saves them, and the next second, the character is back to his arrogant, agnostic ways. The two others are thankful for the “miracle” that just saved their lives, and the main character denies it was an act of God and explains away his prayer by saying that everyone has moments of weakness. Again, the premise of the movie was funny, and it could have been pretty good, but the way it was, it stunk. I do not recommend this movie.

My friend is coming over again tomorrow! I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been a bit lonely for fellowship lately. The Friday night thing was cancelled and last Sunday we left church directly afterwards because M was tired and I didn’t get much of a chance to visit with anyone. And we skipped evening services for the first time, too. This week the pastor and a few other families from church went to a family retreat in NM. The retreat is 5 days or a week long, but afterwards the pastor and his family will be vacationing for a week in AZ, I think. So we’ll have two Sundays without him.

Well, I’m going to close this up now. I should do some school with MJ while E is napping.


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    Katrina said,

    I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. It has been fun getting to know you all better. I am really enjoying reading your blog. You have really encouraged me to get back on track with our schedule and get back to the important things of home and family. I am really impressed by all of your boating, bicycling, etc. What fun!

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