Fun Weekend!

Well, I had a satisfying, enjoyable weekend!

The BBQ went well! A little before M got home, I hauled everything down to the bbq area. I was having a bit of trouble with the bbq (lighting it), but just then an apt manager happened by and I asked her, and she lit it for me. I threw a couple marinaded chicken breasts, and some unshucked ears of corn on, and when M came home, he went in the pool with MJ while it cooked. MJ, up until then, had been deathly afraid of the pool. We “forced” him in once, thinking once he got in he would like it, but it didn’t work. So when he said he wanted to go in, I was glad. He stayed on the steps the whole time, but I think he’ll warm up to it all the way soon enough. “Baby steps”… he’ll get used to it!

After we ate, we went to a movie in the park. Every Friday night throughout the summer (next week is the last one) they have a movie in the park. It was Apollo 13, which I had never seen, so I enjoyed it even more. Before the movie started there was some music on and some people were dancing. There was a downs-syndrome couple? at the front who were really getting down! M and I were watching them and I said, “Those people are the only ones here with zero inhabitions…. and I guarantee you, they’re the ones having the most fun!” They were blissfully happy.

It did get a little chilly during the movie, but I just snuggled up with MJ, who fell asleep, as did E.

On Saturday, we were going to go to a wildlife preserve and go for a nature walk, but as I was looking up the directions, I came across a bunch of comments of people who had gone who saw tarantulas! That creeped me out BIG TIME, and I told M I was NOT going anywhere near there. I said he could go by himself, but I wasn’t going. I don’t know if that is not submissive or not… things like refusing to go up the elevator to the top of the Empire State building, etc. But he didn’t press the issue. He decided to go with Plan B, which was go to Wal-Mart and buy some bikes.

Long story short, we got the bikes and a bike trailer, and went to Lake Perris, which has a bike trail that goes around the lake. After awhile of biking, though, I was starting to feel really crummy. I was tired and exhausted and thirsty and I had a headache. (And we ran out of water. D’oh!) [Disclaimer: No, I do not like nor watch the Simpsons.] I think it was a combination of dehydration and overexertion. We decided to turn around and go fill our water bottles. The trail was supposed to be a “lake” trail, but most of it was deserty, and just far enough away from the lake that you couldn’t see it. So lots of times you forget there’s even a lake there. It was a desert ride.

After resting and drinking, I was feeling much better and we decided to try it again. The second time was much, much better, and very enjoyable. The only thing was, the path was paved, except for one part at the end of the lake, before you go around the end and up the other side. (We had read this on the website.) But it was like a mountain bike trail, a little dirt path going up the side of this hill, so we weren’t able to do it with the bike trailer, and we had to turn around and go back the way we came. So we ended up seeing part of the trail 4 times. Oh well. It was still fun.

Afterwards we were starving, and I had a coupon in my pocket for a burger place for a free 2lb basket of fries. So we went there. M wanted to play at one of the playgrounds at the Lake, but since we were so hungry we told him we’d take him to a different park after we ate dinner. We were both pooped afterwards and didn’t feel like going to the park, but we kept our word. The park we went to, though, didn’t have a playground, it was just a path around a duck pond. So I think he was a little disappointed.

We were going to watch a movie when we got home, but it was too late because we lost the mail key and it took a long time to find it. We were going to check the mail when we got home, but my keys were missing. (My keychain has the mail key on it – we only have one.) I thought it was in my diaper bag, but when I looked, it wasn’t there. I even went inside the apt and looked, but it wasn’t there, either. The diaper bag compartment was unzipped partially, so I thought it might have fallen out in the back of the truck. I went inside to look more, while M climbed in the back of the truck and looked around for them. He finally found them back there. I was relieved, thinking maybe they had fallen out in the grass at the movie in the park, and that we’d never get them back. It was an answer to prayer!

Sunday, after church we had another bbq/swim time in the back. Grilled corn on the cob is so tasty! We had Boca burgers and left-over french fries.

Today I’m doing some housework with a friend in IL… over the internet. It’s fun that way, and we stay accountable. I need to get going, now. I have to:

Unload / Load dishwasher
Do all (3-4) loads of laundry completely (including folding & putting away!)
Clean both bathrooms
Continue clearing / organizing desk area

I’m not even dressed yet, so I need to go do that now!


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