Sewing Machine!

Yesterday, after being on the computer, eating breakfast, reading to MJ, putting E down for a nap and even snoozing a bit myself, I was surprised to see that it was still before noon. The day was dragging on, so I decided it was time for another bus trek.

We caught the bus outside our apts and rode down the road aways to the shopping center where there was a thrift store. The thrift store had moved to another spot in the center since we were there last, and I must say the new store is much better.

I found:
A sewing machine!! Yay. It’s a Singer, $35.00. I’m not sure the exact model number, but it came with a pedal and manual. No attachments, though, so hopefully they won’t be hard to find. There was a foot and needle on. I plugged it in and the light came on, and the motor, though it did seem like it didn’t go very fast. I hope that won’t be a problem. Perhaps there are different speed settings. It’s actually still in the back of the truck right now, at work with M.

A 4-in-one huge “book” with pieces for 4 Dr. Seuss games. It was a bit pricey for a thrift store ($6.00) but the price on the back of the book was $49.99. dr-seuss.jpg We played the ABC game today, but did discover there were a few cards missing. Oh well, it’s still good. And I think he will just enjoy it more as he gets older. It was on the top shelf, laying down where it was hard to see, so I’m glad I got it.A couple children’s books. Including a Richard Scarry book he doesn’t have already. (Amazingly!) The other book is My Little Golden Book About GOD illustrated by Eloise Wilkin. There was a cardboad version at church that E was looking at the other day, and I had never seen it before. At least, not the inside. I guess I figured I wouldn’t like it, so I never bothered to look. I like it for the most part, but the last part can be easily modified by adding one word. It says,
“He gives us memories of yesterdays, so that happy times and people we love we can keep with us always in our hearts. For GOD IS LOVE.” — Then it goes on to say, “God is the love of our mother’s kiss, the warm strong hug of our daddy’s arms.” I dunno, somehow I feel like it would be better to say, “God is IN the love…” So I add that. The next page does say, “God is in all the love we feel for playmates and family and friends.”

When I found the sewing machine, I called M to ask if it was okay to buy it and also since he would have to come pick us up, as I couldn’t carry the sewing machine and push the stroller back to the bus stop. (It’s on his way home, though.) So he said he would. We paid for the things and left them at the thrift store while we strolled around a bit more, going in a tropical fish store, Toys R US and a teaching supply store. Then we went in the grocery store and picked up a snack, and sat out behind the store on some grass, but it was’t very enjoyable because this strong wind came up out of nowhere. (It’s usally not too windy here.) So on the one day that I decide to leave my hair down instead of the usual bun, my hair is flying around getting in my face while I’m trying to eat. We also went into a pet store, and then it was time to head back to the thrift shop to pick up our things and wait outside for M. (The store was closing.) We didn’t have too long of a wait. We snacked a bit more and I read MJ’s two books to him.

When M came to pick us up we drove over to the store and I ran in and grabbed a few things we needed before we headed home. I fixed us smoothies right away, and then worked on dinner. We had Chicken Kiev, potatoes, corn on the cob and salad. I lit a few candles on the table and poured our cranberry juice into some fancy glasses.

Today is Friday! Yay! When M was self-employed, it was almost kind of sad that there wasn’t that excitement that Friday’s bring. On Friday’s throughout the summer the city (bordering city, actually) has movies in the park. I mentioned going tonight to M last night, and he said he had done something like that as a child and that it was fun. So I’m going to ask to go tonight. I’m going to get all ready so if he says yes we’ll be ready to go already. I am also planning on doing a cookout tonight. Right behind our apt building is a pool and a bbq and some tables and chairs. I’m thinking I’ll just take dinner out there and do bbq chicken and bbq’d corn on the cob (sound familiar?) and just be out there when he gets home. He needs something to break up his monotonous routine. Aha! Potato salad. I just though of it. He likes potato salad. I usually think of it when it’s too late to make it. I’ll make some now to go with dinner.

I’ve begun to clear off the desk in the kitchen, that is used for a catch-all of old newspapers, ad papers and mail. I don’t know if I’ll get it all done today or not, but I at least want to chip away at it.

Okay, I’m gonna go boil some potatoes and work on clearing the desk some more while listening to The Hiding Place. (I started it earlier.)



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    Jennifer said,

    Congratulations on the sewing machine! I actually got mine out and turned it on the other day. Can you believe it? LOL

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