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Okay, I really should be going to bed. But I wanted to write a little post, first. I’m afraid that “everybody” (who knows how many…) that is reading my blog will get fed up by lack of posts and not ever check it again. I wish I could be like those really interesting blogs that post every day at least once, detailing the gourmet, organic meals they’ve cooked for the day, and the hours of sewing they got done. (As well as cleaning and schooling the nine children!)

But, no, here I am. Just me. With two children, and “no time” to do all this.

I really have been meaning to make myself a schedule. Nothing seems to get done unless I’m following at least a loose schedule. I am a firm believer in them, but only to the point that they are helpful, not too strict as to make yourself a slave to them. I think I could “find” a lot more time in my day if I actually know what I’m supposed to do every day. And then I need to not just waste all that rediscovered “extra” time on the computer, either. I need to spend it writing in my journal, reading good books (both to myself and to my children), deep cleaning, doing educational projects with MJ, baking & cooking, and hopefully someday when we get the supplies, some sewing and crocheting.

Maybe I should write a schedule right now…. after all, I’m not really doing much, except writing this. Now would be the perfect time. Right? Okay, then do it already!

8:am –Get dressed, get kiddos dressed, make bed, eat breakfast, read paper, read Bible / memorization

9:00  –Cleaning

10:00 –“Alphabet Pages” with MJ / Reading to him

11:00 –Naptime for E / quiet time for MJ / Journaling FIRST, then other activity, if time allows

12:00 –Lunch, read paper while eating, cleanup

1:00 –Activity

4:00 –Start dinner prep, if necessary

4:30 –Quick clean house

5:-5:30 –DH home, eat dinner, clean up

Hmm, what is lacking? Everything. Well, for starters, no bible reading. I am not in that habit, but, especially as MJ gets older, I really want to make it a habit. We’ve really slacked in regards to religious training with him. We’ve only in the last couple of months started talking to him on a regular basis about God and reading the bible. (This could be a whole other side topic, but his innocent questions make me feel SO inadequate as a mother to answer him. How do you get a three-year old to grasp these huge concepts? I struggle with staying simplistic enough for him to understand, but yet telling the whole story, too.)

Okay, I went back and tweaked it.

Now, the Cleaning will depend on the day. Every day will be the general, normal cleanup. Plus:

Monday: Laundry
Tuesday: Bathrooms
Wednesday: Vacuum / Mop –(I’ll need to vacuum high-traffic areas most every day. But I’ll move things and do every part of the room on Wednesdays)

Thursday: Ironing –(I haven’t been in the habit of doing this, but would like to start. I hate ironing.)

Friday: Cooking –(We usually go to a fellowship meal get together on Friday nights, and I’ll cook for that, or, the 1st Sunday of the month we have to bring something, and I could start getting that ready.)

I’ll wash diapers as I need to.

MJ’s “Alphabet Pages” is what I have been doing lately. Every day is a different letter. I take a plain white sheet of paper, and write an uppercase and lowercase letter on it, right in the middle. Then we look through ad papers and magazines for that letter and things that begin with that letter, and I cut them out and glue them on the page. We talk about what sound it makes, and review the other day’s letters. After we get a complete alphabet, I’ll be putting all the pages in a binder so he can look at it. I should probably put it in one now so he can look at what we have so far. (Except that we still need to buy the binder.)

Okay, I really ought to get to bed now. I’ll be updating again soon! Bear with me and be patient.

I’ll let you know how my schedule goes. I’m sure it will need to be tweaked.

Oh– before I forget, I need to say something else. I have always nursed my babies to sleep, and they have been pretty lousy sleepers, for the most part. E will go to bed about 8:30-9pm and nurse for 1/2 hr to 45 minutes or even an hour sometime. (Which takes away precious time with my dh every night!) Then she will usually wake up around 1 or 2 am and I’ll just bring her to bed with me, and she will sleep and nurse throughout the night.

Well, lately she’s been going to “sleep”, but then as soon as I try to get up, she *screams*. Yes, she wakes up and screeches. (Usually if she wakes when I try to get up, she’ll either just try to get back on or fuss a little bit.) But now it seems like every time I try to get up she wakes up and shrieks. I got tired of it and finally decided today at naptime to make her sleep by herself. This was after she had nursed for a good time and been “asleep” somewhat, then woke up and screamed. I got the pack-n-play out and put her in it, covered her up and told her to go to sleep, and left the room. She surprisingly (very, very suprisingly — this is the baby that can’t stand for me to be out of sight, she’ll stand at the bathroom door and scream/cry until I come out!!) didn’t even cry for a long time, and then it was more of a fussing than an outright cry. (And no screaming, that I can remember, either.) I wasn’t timing it, but it may have been about 1/2 hour or more. I’m surprised it wasn’t as big a deal as I had expected. Tonight I nursed her for awhile at bedtime and then laid her in her bed and told her to go night-night, went out and she WENT TO SLEEP! Very quickly, too. I don’t even remember if she cried at all, but if she did, it wasn’t much since it doesn’t stick out in my memory, and this was just a couple hours ago.  I am very surprised and shocked. I don’t think this is over yet, I’m more in a state of shock about it. She’ll probably make a huge fuss about it tomorrow. If this IS it, and she does wonderfully from now on, it will be great, but unexpected. It would be wonderful to have a baby who sleeps better.

I have tried before to lay her in her bed and stay right next to her, making sure she stayed laying down, pushing her down every time she tried to pop up. But it was frustrating and wore me out. (Plus, I still wasn’t able to do anything, and many times it was quicker to just nurse her to sleep.) Time after time of that didn’t seem to teach her anything. I think the key here in getting it to work is to just leave the room. If she gets up, it’s fine, but she’ll realize she’s not getting out, and there’s nothing to do except lay down and go to sleep.

Okay, I’m really going to bed now.



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    Wardeh said,

    Hi! You’ve written alot since last I checked your blog. Yay! I’m enjoying the reading and the glimpse into your life. I can so relate to needing a schedule and not having enough time. I find that if I sew all day, I don’t clean the house. If I keep up with the house, I never have time to sew. If I cook up big batches of food to feed us for several days, then we don’t finish our schoolwork. Really frustrating!

    I’m glad you’re getting settled and making friends.

    Love, Wardeh

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