Ho-Hum Schedule

Well, the schedule is going ok so far. Not fantastic or anything, but definately better than when I didn’t have one. I started it on purpose at 8:00, thinking that anytime before that would be “free time” and then if I had slept in, I would at least have to get up by 8:00.

 This morning I woke up about 8, but didn’t get up until about 8:30. So that set my whole schedule back. I ended up being about an hour behind by the time breakfast and bible reading were over. I have done the chores for the day, though. I wonder if it’s enough, though. I know I can’t do everything in one day, but there are other things that could be done, and an hour a day isn’t really very long. Oh well, at this point I won’t worry about it. After a week or so, when I’ve rotated through everything, I’ll be able to see if there are still areas that need extra time.

I just finished doing MJ’s “D” page with him. Now I’m sitting on his bed with the laptop while he reads. E went down for her nap before we did that. She fussed for about 20 minutes, but not continuous. I think the longer this goes on the shorter time she’ll cry, until she finally realizes that crying is not availing her anything.

I got an email this morning from a friend (you know who you are!) that said she was going to be in town tomorrow. So she’s going to come over and have lunch and visit. I am excited. This will be the third visitor we’ve had here, but the first one I’ve entertained on my own while M was at work. I’ve been thinking lately about hospitality, and how we’re instructed to practice it.

M was talking to me last night about all the fun and educational things I could do during the day while he’s at work. He said I was only limited by my imagination. Well, my imagination must not be very good, because I feel pretty limited. He gave me a couple suggestions, and said I should plan the day’s activities the day before, so I already know what I’m going to do. And he suggested I use today for brainstorming to think of some different activities.

So far, he suggested swimming (once I get my swimsuit in, I ordered one from www.modest-swimwear.net) we have a pool right behind our building. There is also a patio area with chairs and tables around the pool, he said we could “picnic” there. Or take MJ out and let him ride his scooter around the sidewalks here.

I’ve thought of taking the bus to the library, park, or other destinations, but I haven’t figured out where, yet. I don’t drive (we only have one vehicle anyways) and everything is too far to walk. M was actually thinking lastnight that maybe I should learn to drive. We keep putting it off because 1) I’m not yet 25, so the insurance rates will be high 2) we would have to buy another vehicle 3) would I really get enough use out of it to justify the cost? We’ve mused over this topic before and have always concluded that we’d wait. So, we’ll see.

Okay, I’m going to go “brainstorm” some ideas. There is a couple grocery stores across the street, with other businesses in there, too, like video places, haircutting places, a mattress store, restaurants, banks, etc. There is a McDonalds over there, too, and when I went to the bank we stopped in there and I bought a small fry and small drink and let MJ play at the playplace. E was too young, however, which I realized after we got there. So she sat in the highchair and ate fries. I feel bad because we’ve always walked a lot, and been able to let the children play outside, and at the park. And now there is no park within walking distance, and the streets are busy, so even when we go out to walk to the store or something, they are in the stroller and not able to get out and run around.

Ok, going to brainstorm….


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